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Saturday Morning Juniors

SMJ  -  Newsletter  - October 2014

Hi Kids

Week 3 of summer comp this week.

I have made a couple of changes to the draw, mainly in the boys draw.  Could you please check your draw to see if these changes affect you?

Scorecards:  Can you PLEASE completely fill out the scorecards.  You are leaving out dates, divisions, names – teams and players, and incorrect adding up. Tie break is played at 5 all. If you are not sure could you please get Mum or Dad to check it.  Most of our roles in this club are voluntary so could you make our job a little easier by filling out the cards properly.

Courts:   There were some of you that went to the wrong courts, could you please check the draw carefully, an easy way to read the draw is to double click on your team name and it will personalise your draw.  Print it off and keep it in your tennis bag.

Time:  You must be at the court in time to start your match (8 and 10am) if you are late the other team can take the 1st set on a forfeit if you are 10 minutes late.  If time permits at the end you can play it.

Seeding:  from next week you will have to decide who is No 1 and No 2.  When you play in this order next week you have to play in these positions for the rest of the season. Playing out of order will incur a forfeit for both players.

Payment:  Some of you still have not paid your registration fees, which are overdue.  From next week any unpaid fees will result in no competition points be awarded.


Trish Sanford   -   Competition secretary