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Saturday Morning Juniors




Saturday Morning Juniors – October 2015


Hi Kids,                          Week  4  -  31/10/15


From this week the order of play should be determined (ie who is to play 1 and 2) when you have chosen who is to be 1 and 2, you MUST stay in this order for the rest of the season.


If you want me to change the order of play on the draw, could you please contact me and I will change it for you. If you play out of order you will be forfeited.


Reserve players:  if you cannot play you can borrow a player from a team with 3 players, or in Boys divisions borrow the players who have a BYE. There are a few players on the reserve pool list, you will find this at the bottom of the draw. You can only borrow from your division or below.


Umpiring:  In singles matches the umpire is in control of the match with decisions. In doubles you can only make the decision on your side of the net.  If a ball is close to the line and you cannot see whether it is in or out, then the “benefit of the doubt” rule comes into play and the ball should always be called IN. Please be fair in your line calls. 


Parents Code of Behaviour: Parents are NOT permitted to umpire, score or anyway get involved in the match.


There have been some changes to the boys draw in Divisions 3, 5, 6 and 7.  Could you please check the draw to see if these changes affect you.



Trish Sanford – Competition Secretary