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If Unsure of your Standard or what level of tennis you play? then download the ITN (International tennis Number ) description  for your own assesment & find out your ITN  . Click Here This self assesment may help us determine the best division and competition  for you to play
WE have a Competition suitable for all levels of play from Social to Advanced !
Please express your interest for all GRADING by email to admin@hdta.org.au or call Association office on 9680 1257 Mon-Fri 9.30am-4pm. 


  GRADING DATES will be advised term 1 2015 !

All Payments and entry forms for  registration may also be completed at grading times. See new membership & Team registration tab on home page.

TUESDAY EVENING DOUBLES (Unisex 2 Player short format)2hrs

  • Next Comp expected to Start mid March 2015 . Grading for new players MUST attend  TBA  at Castle Hill 7.30pm.
Please contact office 9680 1257 or email us to confirm you will attend admin@hdta.org.au

WEDNESDAY NIGHT DOUBLES ( Unisex 2 Player short format)2hrs

  • Next Comp expected to start early March 2015
  • Grading Night all new players Wed TBA  2014  7.30pm at CTC.
 Please contact CTC office 9680 1257or email admin@hdta.org.au  us to confirm you will attend


THURSDAY LADIES DOUBLES(2 Ladies short Morning Comp)2.5hrs

  • Next Competition to start in Feb 2015. We are always looking for reserves so please contact us if you are interested Please contact our office for more information or send email to admin@hdta.org.au 9680 1257


SATURDAY AFTERNOON SINGLES/DBLS-Unisex 2 Player team duration 2hrs 3 session times

  • Next Competition start Feb 2015
  • Grading for NEW players at Castle Hill    TBA  from  12.30pm - 1.30pm
Please call Linda 0410 663 747 if you wish to attend or email bdo@hdta.org.au

MYCHOICE SINGLES COMPEITION- Individual entry everyday of the week to  FIT in with your lifestyle

  • Register your interest by email with Linda 0410 663 747 or email  bdo@hdta.org.au
  • Next Comp expected to start March  2015 
  • Next Grading to be held at Castle Hill  Friday TBA    7.30pm
  Please call 9680 1257 or email bdo@hdta.org.au to confirm you will attend.

SATURDAY MORNING JUNIORS -Boys & Girls Duration 2hrs

  • The Current  SUMMER Competition will finish with Finals day on Saturday  21st March 2015 . Next Winter Comp will commence term 2 2015
  • Regos due for existing teams No Later than Sat 21st March 2015
  • REGOS & Grading for NEW players "Find a partner " and try outs Sunday 22nd March  at CTC from 9am

Phone 9680 1257 for more information or email admin@hdta.org.au