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Wednesday Night Doubles Competition

WND COMP SECRETARY: Jody Brand email: wnd@hdta.org.au (ph) 0401 254 662

General Enquiries: admin@hdta.org.au, CTC Office 96801257 

New Competition starting 5th August 2015-REGISTER NOW ENTRIES CLOSE for existing teams 29th July 2015. All NEW players must attend one of the advertised grading sessions Wednesday 22nd July 7:30pm at Castle Hill . Please RSVP if attending to admin@hdta.org.au

Click here for Team/Player registration form 2015

See here    for more info on all comps start dates and next grading sessions . 

Court Locations 

Court Locations are also available on WND competition page. If you are unfamiliar with these interactive draw and score pages here are a few points to note:


On the draw page your team name is a hyperlink. When you click on this a personalized draw page for your team will appear, showing all details of the matches your team will play during the competition. This may be printed for team members. Landscape is recommended as the "notes" column will expand nicely.

On the scores page your points total and ranking (the # column) are generated automatically and will not be accurate until all the scores for a match have been entered.

On the scores page if you hover your mouse cursor over certain things the cursor will include a ? and a popup tooltip will shortly appear (most browsers, Safari excepted).

Over the team name the tooltip will contain the captains name and phone numbers.

Over any score the tooltip will contain your home/away status, the opposing team, and the relevant playing court for that match. This is much easier to use than those grid things on the draw page. If the match has already been played then your game, sets and points score will also be shown.

If you wish to print the entire draw then it is best to use print preview in your browser and to set the print size or print scale to 50 or 60 percent. That way the entire draw will fit on one pa

All new registrations and general queries to HDTA Office 9680 1257.

NO WND NEW team or Pool registration player may take the court withinout prior approval of Comp Secretary.

They must also be a current financial member of TNSW/HDTA prior to play.


 Please complete registration form and make payment we accept payment by eftpos credit card( by phone if convenient) cash or Cheque. 

- Try out/Grading night NEW Players Wed TBA  Email your interest in attending to Helen wnd@hdta.org.au NO PLAY SCHOOL & PUBLIC HOLIDAYS

NO PLAY SCHOOL HOLIDAYS. Members may use available courts at $5 per head at CTC and DTC only. Everyone to share courts available. Honesty system applies if pro shop closed. Please ensure you know how to operate lighting and lock courts and clubhouse when departing