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A number of people work with the committee and staff to help improve tennis in the Hills.  However the Association often requires specific skills to meet its goals. If you think you can help, you can make an initial no obligation enquiry to find out more at admin@hdta.org.au All offers to become involved are welcome. The following areas need more support:

Marketing & Promotion.

The Association wants to maintain a profile of tennis in the Hills. We have a number of initiatives underway designed to promote Tennis and attract new members. We could use some professional marketing know how to improve these initiatives or offer alternative strategies.

Competition ManagementThe key aim of the Association is to develop and manage events for the enjoyment of members. Organised competitions need to remain vibrant and satisfy the expectations of members. We need people with experience to lead or the desire to learn and contribute toward improved competitions.


Information Technology

The Associations business operation needs to keep pace with member and community demands. Further improvements and efficiencies will only come from adopting a range of integrated systems. Our plans in conjunction with Tennis NSW include membership systems, web site improvements, court booking and competition management systems.  We require a range of business analysis and technical IT skills to support our plans.

 Human ResourcesThe Association engages staff, contractors and volunteers to carry out numerous responsibilities. We need help to improve the relevant management processes. We also want to adopt strategies that attract and retain resources to keep the Association a going concern.