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Committee Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for HDTA Committee of Management

As a committee we subscribe to and practise the following code of conduct:

 Principle – Value


Member focused

We are here to represent the interests of members and to manage HDTA in a way that considers these interests in the short and longer term.

Fiduciary Responsibility

We will always act with the highest standards of care in managing the financial and legal affairs of the Association for the members.

Conflict of interest

We are careful to avoid any perceptions or the reality of any conflict of interest by fully declaring any conflict in any dealings we may have and withdrawing from debates and voting where necessary.


We will do all we can to ensure that we and the Association comply with all our contractual and legal obligations in all our dealings.


We will act and speak in a manner that is respectful to each other, to any guests at our meetings and to members, staff and stakeholders in general.

Open and Transparent

We are an OPEN and Honest team. We provide each other with all the facts required to properly consider our decisions. We do not hide our shortcomings but we do celebrate our successes.

Wherever possible and appropriate we endeavour to keep members informed on issues important to them or the Association.


We take credit where appropriate but take responsibility for our problems and issues.


We treat commitments as important and use our best endeavours to fulfil those that we make to each other, to members, to staff, to partners and other stakeholders.


We endeavour to consult members on issues of major importance to them.

Working Together

We are mindful of each others’ workloads and situations and endeavour to support each other by drawing on the range of talents, styles and experience that all of us can contribute.


We make important decisions on the merits of each case and give each other as much time and appropriate information to assist in orderly and timely decision making. We will vigorously debate decisions but then all support our agreed position externally.

Priorities and Plans

As a team we agree priorities and focus on their resolution. Once we agree a plan we commit to completing the necessary work and achieving agreed milestones.


We involve others as we can to help spread the workload and to engender ownership of outcomes. Delegation might be to staff, sub-committees or project teams. When we do delegate we are mindful of setting clear objectives, scope and reporting requirements and establishing authority levels, while leaving freedom for others to use their initiative and add value where they can. We will support those acting within their delegation.

Confidentiality and Privacy

We respect the Confidentiality of committee, staff and other discussions agreed to be such, and protect the Privacy of information where necessary.


We will be mindful of the value of our own and the contributions of others and always seek to be productive and on time.

Fun and Support

We will undertake our mission with a level of humour and in an atmosphere that keeps us motivated to fulfil our mission in a way that is rewarding for all and supportive of all.

Our philosophy will always be to act with absolute integrity in practising this code of conduct in the execution of our responsibilities as members of the HDTA Committee.

Adopted 9th February 2010