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Grading For HDTA Competitions


If you are new to Hills District Tennis Association and wish to join an upcoming tennis competition, you we will need to attend one of our next competition grading sessions. Grading sessions us help assess your playing level and determine which grade is most suitable for you to compete in. If you are unable to attend a competition grading session then alternatively you could attend one of our weekly Thursday evening (from 7pm) club social sessions and let our staff member know you wish to be graded. Joining a group or private lesson with a coach or even perhaps booking a casual court so one of our qualified staff/coaches can observe how you play would also suffice. Please ensure you contact us in advance to let us know you will be attending a grading session.


All of our competition participants must have current membership with the Hills District Tennis Association. This includes HDTA club member discounts and an affiliation with Tennis NSW to allow you to enter sanctioned tournaments and other Tennis NSW Events.


Please find our scheduled competition dates and grading session times on the calendar below as well as more information on the formats of each competition.

Competition Schedule
Competition Start Date (estimated) Grading Days Grading Times
MyChoice Midweek Singles 6 November 2017 13 October 2017 7:30pm
Monday Morning Ladies Doubles 28 August 2017
Tuesday Night Doubles 24 October 2017 17 October 2017 7:30pm
Wednesday Night Doubles 25 October 2017 18 October 2017 7:30pm
Friday Morning Ladies Singles 6 October 2017
Saturday Afternoon Singles 16 September 2017 9 September 2017 12:30pm
Saturday Morning Juniors 14 October 2017 17 September 2017 9:00am
Breakfast Doubles Comps 10 October 2017
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2017/18 Membership

All Competition players must be current registered members of Tennis NSW and Hills District Tennis Association , membership is now included as part of team registration fees

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